The freshmen going to my high school all assembled on this glorious day to get our class schedules. Quite fun (she said sarcastically). As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a TV problem. That also goes hand in hand with a junk-food problem. When my eyes are glued to the screen, I have no idea how much I’m ingesting.  With that being said, I am not in good shape. My thighs were the reason why I was embarrassed to wear shorts today, EMBARRASSED. I always thought that I wouldn’t let society’s crappy standards get to me but here I am, eating Fritos and typing my feelings. I wore jeans to avoid any staring because naturally, I felt like the whole world would be looking while I showcased my not-as-enormous-as-I-made-them-out-to-be thighs. Honestly, nobody really gave a damn about what they wore. I remember when I cared…those were the days.

While everyone else wore shorts...
While everyone else wore shorts… (the sun was in my eyes)

I saw so many people who intimidated me through social media from another major feeder school. They aren’t as cute in person. Okay, so maybe they are, but I don’t exactly know why I let them get to me. They’re just people. I don’t know if they are good people…I will get back to you.

Somehow, I convinced my mom to pay $75 for a pass to all of our school’s games. It was a smart move considering I’m a social butterfly who goes to all games with my plethora of friends. Can’t you just feel the sarcasm radiate off of the screen. I didn’t even look cute in the picture.

My face somehow looks worse in this than it does in the lat picture. Thank the lord for blurring.
My face somehow looks worse in this than it does in the last picture. Thank the lord for blurring.

We’ll talk soon.

Sincerely, Manali


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