And as it nears…

I’d like to think I am a generally normal person. What with the middle-class lifestyle and ordinary problems, I feel like that’s how I was destined to be categorized. I hate school like any other kid, and homework is a pain in the ass but I deal with it. Well at least I should be dealing with it.  I’m that girl that puts everything off and pulls through in the last possible second. It’s a bad habit I’ve always acknowledged but have failed to act on. My passion for TV is always getting in my damn way. I mean, it’s a problem. A full-fledged, I-need-a-therapist kind of problem. From the wonderful and witty adventures of Gilmore Girls to the high-crime tales of NCIS, I resort to Netflix and completely binge-watch. For some reason, I keep thinking that if I keep watching, it will somehow magically disappear and all will be good with the world. I never win that fight.

It’s troubling to me that I have this problem too because if I set my mind to something and give it my full attention, it will always get done, 100%. The TV screen (generally my MacBook) just seems to suck my determination away like a vacuum cleaner or more accurately, a dementor. I don’t even know if that’s how you spell it.

I’ve always pictured myself getting it together all at once.  First, I’d get my ass down to the gym and try getting in shape. Then, I’d start eating healthier. Later, school stays on track because I’m getting everything done in time. After that, I would get my purple room redone because I hate purple and I was an idiot in sixth grade. Then, I’d get some mighty fine clothes and be the cutest girl in school (I sound so elementary right now, my apologies). Finally, I’d be discovered online by Pharrell and he’d give me a record deal. All of that is serious as hell, especially the room thing, I won’t be able to look at purple for the rest of my life. Pharrell noticing me would be nice too.

I need to snap out of that daydream that I’ve been continuously cultivating.  I’m about to start high school for pete’s sake. I need some stability. I figured that this expensive metal slab that I call a laptop can be used for some good instead of evil.  I’m going to document my rehab from the accomplishments to these late-night rambles (which really shouldn’t be happening at three in the morning and is a problem for a later day). High school is around the corner and I need to clean up my act. As a  new phase of life nears, I am announcing my call-to-battle. Bring it on bitches.

Sincerely, Manali

P.S.- Here is a picture I photographed of my sister for your viewing pleasure.Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.54.25 AM


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